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Its not the fact that we love death that we are excited by guns, neither do we wish for an uncivilized society that we act and watch violence commercials. It is because deep down inside our core lies the great affinity for expression _Trust Munopa

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The demon Inside season 1 streaming now!!!


The guy next door

The guy next door. There moved in a new guy next door. I don’t care, I never asked his name his just a guy next door. Next moment I hate the guy next door. I punch the guy he falls down KO. We don’t agree, I’m jealous of him there it goes. I never haveContinue reading “The guy next door”


Fight. Fighting, a fool’s failure to speak. The clear sign of internal uncivilisation. The wrong use of senses. The clear sign of intrinsic stupidity. The removal of a burden to a brother. Being abnormal through the use of the body. A fight. Why do I fight then ? Fighting, the inappropriate conduct. The failure toContinue reading “Fight”

The mustard seed

What shall I liken the kingdom of heaven to ? To a mustard seed. The one that is small. The one that is not fascinating. Is there anything hypothetical about the mustard seed? Is it not true that it will grow into a tree that subdues its surrounding? What more emphasis is needed on itsContinue reading “The mustard seed”

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